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Pokémon Unite Scyther build, best items and moveset

Our recommended Scyther build for Pokémon Unite.

A powerful Scyther build will allow you to turn this Gen 1 Mantis Pokémon into a formidable opponent in Pokémon Unite - the MOBA Pokémon game.

Scyther, just like Scizor, is categorized as an All-Rounder Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, so your central playstyle will be assassinating enemies one by one, and using this opportunity to score goals. To do any of this, you will need the best items and moves for Scyther.

Below you will find our recommendations for the best Scyther build and, if you would like to examine how Scyther compares to the other Pokémon on Unite’s roster, please visit our Pokémon Unite Tier List.

If you are instead looking for a guide on Scizor, and how Scyther contrasts to Scizor, please check out our Scizor build guide for the best Scizor moveset and items.

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Scizor Character Spotlight | Pokémon Unite

Scyther build: Our recommendations for the best Scyther moveset in Pokémon Unite

Scyther leaps into the All-Rounder role in Pokémon Unite, so this Pokémon’s playstyle focuses on targeting enemy Pokémon by using its mobile moves to slice enemies before moving onto its next prey. If you are yet to play as an All-Rounder Pokémon, Scyther is an immensely swift and offensive option to start understanding this role.

Glancing at Scyther’s stats which are also Scizor’s stats – it is a ruthless All-Rounder due to its exceedingly immense offense, superb mobility and slightly leans towards endurance. When using Scyther, you will be damaging foes, and hopping around from enemy to enemy to absolutely eviscerate each. Staying alive is of great importance as to not falter in gaining experience or avoid assisting allies. You do not want to ignore receiving experience, so you can have all of your moves available and, ultimately, your Unite Move.

As Scyther, you will need to be close to a ranged Attacker such as Delphox, next to a Supporter like Blissey to heal with Soft-Boiled, or an All-Rounder like Tyranitar to complement disruptive moves such as Ancient Power.

Hopping in with a ranged Attacker will have you diminishing the opponent’s HP, having them flee to heal up or activate their Focus Bands, and when improving with Scyther – outright knocking out multiple foes. A Supporter will allow Scyther to survive longer, since Scyther itself has much lower HP and defense stats in comparison to its counterpart Scizor. All-Rounders allow Scyther to use its moves in tandem by following up to then demolish low HP Attackers with little to zero mobility options such as Pikachu or Espeon.

Scyther’s Ability - Technician – activates, when Scyther uses a move. The next basic attack will change, and deal two consecutive basic attacks. The second basic attack will be of lowered damage.

Like Scizor, you will want to be comboing the moves, while sporadically inflicting basic attacks after each move’s use. Use Dual Wingbeat, then your double basic attack, and end with the second part of Dual Wingbeat. It all works effortlessly with Scyther - make sure you do not miss out on delivering the two swipes from Technician. Though the second consecutive basic attack is of lower damage than the first, there is a chance for it to be a critical hit. Scyther has a lower critical hit rate than Scizor, but that does not mean it will not occur – and when it does happen – it is enormous damage.

Every third basic attack with Scyther is a boosted attack. Scyther’s boosted attack extra damage, and increases Scyther’s own movement speed for a short time. Scyther can continually chase enemies with this movement speed increase, and, since it has a higher attack stat than Scizor, it can erode away an enemy’s HP.

At the start of the match, you will need to choose either Fury Cutter and Quick Attack.

Just like Scizor, we recommend choosing Quick Attack if you are using the Central Area. This move enables you to pass through walls, so you can easily start attacking the wild Xatu rather than taking the long way around. If you decide top or bottom path instead, then choose Fury Cutter, since its conal distance can hit both Bunnelby in the lanes.

At Level 5, you will be choosing Dual Wingbeat, because this move keeps Scyther as Sycther for the entire match.

With Dual Wingbeat, Scyther will slash the ground in an X-shape by dealing damage to all caught in this X area of effect. If it hits an enemy, even a wild Pokémon, Scyther is healed. When hitting a foe, Scyther will receive an additional follow up attack with this move. Dual Wingbeat’s additional capabilities will have Scyther dash forward in a targeted area in a line. This does deal damage, can be used to cross over walls or gaps, but more importantly inflicts increased damage the lower the enemy’s health is. The ideal way to finish off enemies.

Dual Wingbeat can be used from a distance, which allows the first part of it to heal when hitting enemies. This will increase healing the more enemies that are caught in this X-shaped area. An excellent tactic is to use Dual Wingbeat to hit enemies chasing you, so you can use the second dash part of Dual Wingbeat to run even farther away or cross over walls the enemy team cannot. See some Wild Pokémon on the path? Use Dual Wingbeat area of effect then use this to get away. This makes heading into the Central Area the best way to disengage from overwhelming enemies.

When upgraded, it increases the damage dealt by the move.

Reaching Level 7, you will then have the option between Double Hit and Swords Dance.

We recommend choosing Double Hit, because this is the intended move for Scyther and escalates its strengths. The user will jump to an area, it will hurt an enemy, and apply a mark on them. Scyther will then bounce off to a designated area. After Scyther lands, its next basic attack becomes a boosted attack, and, when pressed again, will slash an enemy. If the enemy Pokémon has a mark, when defeated, it will reset all of Scyther’s moves instantly. This can also critically strike.

When upgraded, the cooldown is reduced.

These two moves give Scyther a plethora of mobility options. Both Dual Wingbeat and Double Hit have a second part to each. You will use Dual Wingbeat to create an X-shaped area of effect, jump in with Double Hit, slice a foe with Double Hit’s boosted attack, then use the second part of Dual Wingbeat due to the enemy being of lower HP now. All while you weave in basic attacks after each move.

Lastly, Scyther will learn its Unite Move at Level 9 – Green Illusion Dive.

Scyther dashes forward, cutting the enemy, and then creating five illusionary copies of itself in the area. In comparison to Scizor – these illusionary copies are not as tightly knit as Scizor’s Red Illusion Dive. If any of the copies is touched by an enemy Pokémon, they will receive damage alongside marking them. After a short time, the copies return to Scyther by dealing damage on the way. In this time, Scyther is able to press the Unite button again to dash through to a targeted direction and return all of the copies to itself earlier. Each hit on the way back to Scyther will deal damage to enemies, but will reduce damage if a certain foe receives more than one illusionary copy’s damage.

For each copy that hits an enemy on the way back, Scyther will be healed. If the mark placed on an earlier Pokémon is knocked out, all of Scyther’s moves will be reset similar to Double Hit.

It sounds complicated just like Red Illusion Dive from Scizor, and takes some time to get the optimal use. Use Green Illusion Dive in teamfights or taking on multiple enemies; try to use Double Hit, Dual Wingbeat, and weave in your speedy cuts. Do not forget to use your follow up to deal damage in a straight, and for the copies to deal damage from their absorption. You want to use this at the start of a fight or in the middle of a fight.

The illusions will disappear as soon as Scyther is knocked out, so you’ll want to use this at the start of a team fight – not when Scyther is already super low. Sometimes, it is best to end it early to have the copies heal you, so you can continue assisting teammates or turn the tides in a battle.

Scyther's evolution line in Pokémon Unite explained

Scyther is placed at the end of a two staged evolution line – meaning in Pokémon Unite, it starts the match as Scyther.

Scyther will evolve into Scizor at Level 5 only when choosing Bullet Punch. Please, do not choose Bullet Punch or Scyther will evolve into Scyther. You need to choose Dual Wingbeat to keep it as Scyther for the whole match.

Outside of its increase in stats upon reaching Level 5, Scyther will also gain a 5% critical-hit rate and 10% cooldown reduction. Scyther’s stats are very different from Scizor. Scyther gains cooldown reduction, when reaching Level 5 unlike Scizor that receives lifesteal.

Best held items for Scyther in Pokémon Unite explained

When determining Held Items in Pokémon Unite, you need to consider the items that will boost the Pokémon’s strengths to then conceal its weaknesses.

Scyther is much more fragile than Scizor. Scyther has lower defense stats, does not have lifesteal, and has less max HP than Scizor. But Scyther makes up for this with having higher attack, better mobility, and cooldown reduction. For these reasons, Scyther will need Muscle Band, Scope Lens and Focus Band.

Most of Scyther’s damage will come from its basic attacks or at the end of Double Hit’s second part. We want to have Muscle Band to increase the attack speed, and give raw attack stats. Scope Lens will allow the increased critical hit rate of its basic attacks, but a boosted attack that is a critical hit can outright delete Pokémon.

Focus Band provides Scyther additional defense, special defense and healing when low. Even though you can use Dual Wingbeat’s X-shaped area of effect to gain health from a distance, Scyther, as previously mentioned, is much more squishier than its crimson counterpart, but this verdant Mantis is relentless when it sticks its twin scythes into you.

Need help deciding which Pokémon to choose? Check out our Pokémon Unite tier list and build guides for - Pikachu, Snorlax, Gardevoir, Cinderace, Greninja, Gengar, Blissey, Lucario, Espeon, Delphox, Glaceon, Buzzwole and Absol. You can also learn more about the Ranked system, Fair-Play Points and how to surrender a match.

Best battle items for Scyther in Pokémon Unite explained

It is best to choose X Attack for Scyther’s Battle Item in Pokémon Unite. Scyther. Scyther has many options to get in the fights or even leave them. Double Hit can have Scyther leap a large distance. Scyther’s boosted attack grants movement speed, and the second part of Dual Wingbeat after hitting a Pokémon with its first use will allow Scyther to dash away, while dealing damage.

Use Dual Wingbeat to hit Wild Pokémon to escape difficult situations.

How to unlock Scyther in Pokémon Unite

Scyther can be purchased by purchasing Scizor with 575 Aeos Gems, and will be available to purchase with Aeos Coins one week after its release in Pokémon Unite.

Scyther itself is very delicate in comparison to Scizor. You will not be tanking or sponging damage from allies. You will be assassinating your prey one by one to reset cooldowns before knocking out even further enemies. Scyther is one of the best Pokémon in the game, and is not to be played the same way as Scizor. For the experienced player with practice, you can rip apart the enemies in an elegant fashion with quickness and vigour.

Best of luck out there with Scyther!

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