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Pokémon Unite - Ranked system: How to unlock Ranked matches and how the Ranking system works

To the top.

Want to become the very best? Here's our explainer on Pokémon Unite ranked matches and how the ranking system works in full.

Ranked matches in Pokémon Unite - the MOBA Pokémon game - present a hefty challenge that is ever evolving depending on your skills and performance.

Whether because you keep winning every single standard match and want a new challenge or just to shake things up, Ranked matches can offer a different kind of thrill.

Starting in the Beginner category, it will take you a while to get all the way to Master, so knowing what to expect will already put you in advantage.

This page will explain how to unlock Ranked matches and how the Ranking system works so you can climb up the online ladder in an efficient manner.

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Pokémon Unite now available on Nintendo Switch!

How to unlock Ranked matches in Pokémon Unite

Before even thinking about the best strategies for Pokémon Unite's Ranked matches, you will first need to unlock them. Luckily, the process is fairly simple, and shouldn't take you long.

The main requirement is to reach level 6 in the game. If you're a new account, it can be achieved in a straightforward manner: playing standard matches! Not only you will obtain experience doing so, but you will also be tackling tasks and challenges pretty much without thinking about it.

Whenever you finish a match, make sure to return to the lobby and double check if any of the UI menus have a exclamation mark on them. If so, make sure to scroll throw them and look for any completed tasks to claim the rewards.

Not all of them will grant experience, but it's worth keeping this in mind for the second requirement.

As well as reaching level 6, you will have to be the owner of five different Pokémon Licenses. In simpler words, you need to have five unlocked Pokémon in your account (yes, your starter counts!).

This is where it gets a bit more complicated. In our experience, we were able to meet this threshold without the need to purchase currency to obtain a Pokémon License. Leveling up our account as well, cashing in limited time gifts and completing specific tasks rewarded us with enough characters.

Depending on when you're reading this guide, this can vary. Of course, you can opt to purchase any of the available Pokémon to expand your collection, but it's worth double checking pending challenges and levelling rewards in case there is a Pokémon License around the corner that you can aim towards.

After reaching level 6 and obtaining at least five Pokémon, you'll be all set to start playing Ranked Matches.

How the Ranking system in Pokémon Unite works

So, you have unlocked ranked matches - now the rush to get to the top begins. Structure wise you'll notice not much is different, as matches still face two teams of five Pokémon each with the same objective as before. Only that now your performance will impact on your rank.

First of all, whether you win or lose matters. Achieving victory will reward you with a victory point. Once you have obtained all the required points for your current rank, the next victory will take you to the following step in the ladder.

If you lose a match (in any other except Beginner rank), you will lose that victory point. Ultimately, running out of them will return you to the previous rank.

Then, you will also be rewarded with performance points. These occur more organically during matches, and you'll get some bonuses by meeting specific goals: 100+ score, win streaks after three and five matches, and sportsmanship.

Ultimately, performance points are a nice to have, and will be awarded without you not thinking too much about them. If you do get to the maximum number of performance points for that rank's class, however, you'll be granted a victory point. This can be helpful if you've been on a bad streak or just to save time.

In addition, according to the in-game explainer, once you have earned a certain number of performance points a deduction of said points may prevent a rank decrease.

Lastly, once you get to Master rank, you'll notice it works a bit differently. Instead of classes, you'll have a Master rank rating that will increase or decrease depending on whether you win or lose matches.

Pokémon Unite ranks list

There are multiple ranks in Pokémon Unite, all the way from Beginner to Master, and each has several classes (which work as tiers).

The Pokémon Unite Ranks list is as follows:

  • Beginner: three classes
  • Great: four classes
  • Expert: five classes
  • Veteran: five classes
  • Ultra: five classes
  • Master: up to 99999 rating

Along with pride and personal satisfaction after proving your skills, playing Ranked matches in Pokémon offers an array of rewards, which you can read more about in the following section.

Need help deciding which Pokémon to choose? Check out our Pokémon Unite tier list and build guides for - Pikachu, Snorlax, Gardevoir, Cinderace, Greninja, Gengar, Blissey, Lucario, Espeon, Delphox, Glaceon, Buzzwole and Absol. You can also learn more about the Ranked system, Fair-Play Points and how to surrender a match.

Pokémon Unite Ranked match rewards

Of course, it wouldn't be a Ranking feature without its set of rewards. In Pokémon Unite, you will obtain rewards at the end of the season corresponding to the highest rank you have attained.

The list of rewards per rank is as follows:

  • Beginner: 2000 Aeos Tickets
  • Great: 4000 Aeos Tickets
  • Expert: 6000 Aeos Tickets
  • Veteran: 10,000 Aeos Tickets
  • Ultra: 15,000 Aeos Tickets
  • Master: 20,000 Aeos Tickets

In case you were wondering, Aeos Tickets can be used in the in-game shop to purchase Held Items for your Pokémon, as well as clothing for your trainer.

Moreover, Season 1 has a unique clothing set as reward for participating in 20 ranked matches and reaching Expert rank. While it's unsure as of yet, we can expect for different rewards in the coming seasons.

Have fun in Ranked matches!

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