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Pokémon Unite - Absol build: Best items and moves for Absol explained

Our recommended Absol build for Pokémon Unite.

A well planned Absol build in Pokémon Unite - the MOBA Pokémon game - can help swing a match in your team's favour.

Absol is currently one of the best Speedster Pokémon in the game, but unlocking its full potential does require some skill. For this reason, it's good to know the best items and moves for Absol.

Below you'll find our recommendation for the best Absol build, but, if you'd prefer to use a different Pokémon, check out our Pokémon Unite tier list.

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Absol build: Our recommendations for the best Absol moveset in Pokémon Unite

Absol is classified as a Speedster in Pokémon Unite, which means, with its high mobility and offense stats, this Pokémon is perfect for cutting down enemies and scoring goals. It's important to note that, difficulty wise, Absol is set at the expert level, so, to reach Absol's full potential, be prepared to put in the practise.

When playing as Absol, it's essential you ensure as many of your attacks successfully hit your opponent. This is partly due to Absol's ability, Super Luck, which increases it's critical-hit rate and, in doing so, makes it far more deadly.

It's also a good idea to spend the opening minutes of the match levelling Absol up quickly. A great place to do this is the centre of the battlefield, because, not only will you be able to gather the experience you need, but you'll earn useful buffs by defeating Ludicolo and Bouffalant.

At the beginning of a match, you'll have the choice between Slash or Feint.

While Slash is the more direct melee attack, we recommend Feint, due to how it ignores both the Defence stat and shield of your opponent. Feint also gives Absol more control over the battlefield - disappearing and reappearing behind foes - and, by mastering it, you'll find Absol's later moves easier to use, especially Night Slash.

Upon reaching Level 5, you'll have to pick between Night Slash or Pursuit.

We recommend Night Slash, because, if the move hits, you'll be able to use it a second time. The move then alters slightly during this second attack - moving Absol straight ahead and increasing its critical-hit rate depending on how low your opponent's health is. Once upgraded, this second attack will also heal some of Absol's health.

You may find Night Slash a rather hard move to master, but, once you do, this attack can make you unstoppable on the battlefield. It will allow you to dodge enemy attacks and quickly destroy their health, so you can collect those precious points.

At Level 7, you'll have the choice between Psycho Cut or Sucker Punch.

We recommend Psycho Cut, because, as a strong melee move, it makes a good partner to the dash-based Night Slash. Since Psycho Cut both decreases the movement of your opponent if hit and increases the amount of damage your basic attack does to them for three hits, you can easily use this combination of moves to defeat, or at least maim, your foes.

At Level 9, you'll unlock Absol's Unite Move - Midnight Slash.

This is a powerful attack which involves inflicting a series of powerful blows upon a selected enemy, before shoving them away. Just make sure you're careful when selecting your attack - you want to avoid attacking a wild Pokémon or missing your chosen victim entirely!

Best held items for Absol in Pokémon Unite explained

For Absol's held items in Pokémon Unite, you should select ones which will increase its offensive power.

The Scope Lens is an excellent choice, because it will build on Super Luck - Absol's ability - by increasing this Pokémon's critical-hit damage. You should also consider using items like the Muscle Band and Wise Glasses, which will also increase Absol's attack based stats. The Attack Weight is another good choice, but it's important to remember that this item's boost will only be applied when you score a goal.

Finally, it's worth considering using an item that will restore Absol's health, especially if you primarily use this Pokémon for combat. Both the Shell Bell and Leftovers are good items to choose from, because they will passively increase Absol's health throughout the match.

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Best battle items for Absol in Pokémon Unite explained

When it comes to selecting a battle item for Absol in Pokémon Unite, you want to select one which capitalises on this Pokémon's two main attributes - causing pain and scoring goals. For this reason, we recommend selecting either X Attack or X Speed.

X Attack increases Absol's attack and special attack stats for a short period, so, if you choose this item, make sure you use it before deploying your Unite Move. X Speed, on the other hand, increases Absol's movement speed for a short time, which is great for when you're racing towards a goal.

Finally, you may also want to consider using the Goal-Getter. This battle item is unlocked at Trainer Level 18 and doubles your goal-scoring speed for a short time. It does have a long cooldown time of 120 seconds - two minutes - but, if you've fully mastered Absol's abilities, this item could help your team win the match.

How to unlock Absol in Pokémon Unite

To unlock Absol in Pokémon Unite you need to purchase its Pokémon license from the Unite Battle Committee.

Absol's license costs 10,000 Aeos Coins and 575 Aeos gems.

Have fun using Absol in Pokémon Unite!