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Pokémon Unite Delphox build, best items and moveset

Our recommended Delphox build for Pokémon Unite.

A strong Delphox build will allow you to turn this Gen 6 fox into a powerful opponent in Pokémon Unite - the MOBA Pokémon game.

Delphox is classified as an Attacker Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, so, when playing, your primary goals will be to inflict large area damage and knocking out enemy Pokemon to use this chance to score goals. To do any of this, you will need to be acquainted with the best items and moves for Delphox.

Below you will find our recommendations for the best Delphox build and, if you would like to see how Delphox measures up to the other Pokémon on Unite’s roster, please visit our Pokémon Unite Tier List.

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Delphox Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE

Delphox build: Our recommendations for the best Delphox moveset in Pokémon Unite

Delphox lands into the Attacker Role in Pokémon Unite, which allows this Pokémon’s playstyle to consist of bursting down multiple opponents with moves, knocking out enemy Pokémon, and landing crowd control support in teamfights. If you have yet to play as an Attacker Pokémon, Delphox is an excellent place to start learning the role.

Looking at Delphox’s stats, it is justified to mainly be used as an Attacker, but does lean into mobility. When using Delphox, you will primarily be damaging opponents from a distance, and using crowd control hindrances to slow or unsettle then defeat Pokémon. Staying alive is of your utmost priority as to not fall behind in experience or neglect aiding allies in fights.

As Delphox, you will need to stay near another ranged Attacker such as Espeon, next to a Supporter like Blissey to receive shields and heals, or a Defender like Mamoswine to follow up on disruptive moves used on enemy Pokémon. Pelting the enemy alongside another ranged Attacker will have your opponent’s HP whittling away and having them leave for the time being to heal. A Supporter will allow Delphox to survive longer, since Delphox itself is very fragile and has super limited options to escape chaotic situations against All-Rounder Pokémon such as Lucario or Machamp. Defenders will allow Delphox to withdraw combat by distracting the enemy or using their body to soak damage to make up for Delphox’s low max HP.

Delphox will need to be cautious at the start until it learns both of its moves and increases its max HP through levels; without these advantages, it's one of the frailest Pokémon, and can be caught by surprise with little options to escape. Delphox’s advantages of stealing last hits on wild Pokémon will deny the enemy experience, while you receive all of the blessings experience gives, from levels to better moves. Delphox’s Ability - Blaze – will deal additional damage through a small fireball after using a move when it has low remaining HP. Blaze will go on cooldown after it is triggered.

Like other Pokémon that evolve, your goal at the start will be evolving Fennekin into Delphox as soon as possible. You will want to reach Level 7 early on, so you can have its complete moveset at your will.

To learn more on Delphox's Evolution Line, be sure to visit the next section.

At the start of the match, you will need to choose either Ember and Will-O-Wisp.

We recommend choosing Ember due to how powerful it is, and being able to snipe the starting Aipom to take them out easily. Fennekin will learn Will-O-Wisp at Level 3, so you will be able to deal damage and slow the enemy when Will-O-Wisp lands.

At Level 6, you will have the choice between Fire Blast or Mystical Fire.

We recommend choosing Mystical Fire because, when the upgraded version hits a Pokémon, the cooldown of all Delphox’s moves will decrease. Being able to send a ball of fire in a straight line exploding on impact every two seconds will have Delphox be the most efficient, effective, and deadliest damage dealer. With the choice of Mystical Fire, Delphox can inflict more than 80,000 or upwards to 130,000 damage in a single match, when played well.

Reaching Level 7, you will then have the option between Fire Spin and Flame Charge.

We recommend choosing Fire Spin because, when placed, it will head towards any opponent in its vicinity. It can be used to slow enemies, damage them, and when caught in Fire Spin – it will make the enemy spin around in the vortex unable to do anything. The cast distance for Fire Spin is enormous, so using it to lay as a trap can find unsuspecting foes in bushes. It can even make multiple enemies spin out from its vortex effect. Fire Spin is one of the best disruptive moves in the game and, combined with landing Mystical Fire, you will lower the cooldown of Fire Spin to create expedited interruption.

When upgraded, it will increase the damage of Fire Spin and the flames intensity.

Lastly, Delphox will learn its Unite Move at Level 8 – Fanciful Fireworks.

Delphox will create gorgeous fireworks in an area alongside damaging, slowing enemy movement speed, and new for a Unite move –reducing HP recovery of enemy Pokémon caught within. This extremely slows enemy movement speed caught within the circle. Do not be wary when using this move, because Delphox can use it at a safe distance. It also allows Delphox to still use its other moves in tandem, while Fanciful Fireworks continues to bombard the area.

It’s best to use Fanciful Fireworks on fighting for Zapdos or on a battle. Fanciful Fireworks has the shortest Unite cooldown in the entire game. Do not hesitate to use it often, since it recharges super quickly. Use it to protect goals, stop enemies from approaching their goals, and even use it on yourself to have both a protective/destructive zone to fight enemy Pokémon inside.

Do your best to show off these magnificent fireworks up close to as many enemy Pokémon in the area of effect! Even if Delphox faints – the Unite Move will still continue! Think of different ways to use this fast charging Unite Move whether offensively or defensively!

Delphox's evolution line in Pokémon Unite explained

Delphox is placed at the end of a three staged evolution line – meaning in Pokémon Unite, it starts the match as Fennekin.

Fennekin will evolve into Braixen when reaching Level 4. Braixen will evolve into Delphox when reaching Level 6.

Best held items for Delphox in Pokémon Unite explained

When deciding on Held Items in Pokémon Unite, you need to consider the items that will increase the Pokémon’s strengths to then conceal its weaknesses.

Delphox will be adept in defeating/stealing wild Pokémon, enemy Pokémon and sustaining fights from a distance to score points. For these reasons, Delphox will need Wise Glasses plus Choice Specs for its first two slots to increase its already fiery damage affliction even higher. These will both increase Delphox’s Special Attack substantially and increase the combo of Fire Spin into Mystical Fire.

Focus Band should be the last slot choice for Delphox. Focus Band will provide healing, increased defence and increased special defence to survive longer in tough fights if Delphox is face to face against an All-Rounder.

We recommend choosing Focus Band so you can survive long enough in the early parts of the match, when you’ are still trying to reach Level 4 to evolve for the first time. The added defence with increased special defence will allow Delphox to get away, if cornered by Speedsters such as Zeraora, Absol, Talonflame, or Gengar. Getting away with even a tiny shred of HP or coming back into the mayhem after Focus Band’s healing will allow you to be a deadly Pokémon on the battlefield by providing constant hindrances/damage from a distance. You will only have the usage of Ember and Will-O-Wisp until Level 6, so you want to avoid teleporting back to base or you will miss out on experience to reach your last evolution stage.

Need help deciding which Pokémon to choose? Check out our Pokémon Unite tier list and build guides for - Pikachu, Snorlax, Gardevoir, Cinderace, Greninja, Gengar, Blissey, Lucario, Espeon, Delphox, Glaceon, Buzzwole and Absol. You can also learn more about the Ranked system, Fair-Play Points and how to surrender a match.

Best battle items for Delphox in Pokémon Unite explained

It is best to choose Eject Button for Delphox’s Battle Item in Pokémon Unite. Delphox doesn’t have any mobility options to escape hectic situations outside of choosing Flame Charge – though Flame Charge is not a good choice as one of its moves in comparison to the much better Fire Spin. Other Attackers such as Greninja with its Double Team or Cinderace with its Feint are exemplary to escape tough situations, but Delphox excels laying down crowd control through Fire Spin or dealing consistent damage with Mystical Fire from a distance. Eject Button will get you out of situations in an instant or let you dive in closer to aid teammates.

Using Eject Button to dive in then use Fanciful Fireworks to have an area of constant damage, or right on top of your own goal can create a large hazard for enemies. Make sure to use Eject Button as a last resort because of its long cooldown.

How to unlock Delphox in Pokémon Unite

Delphox can be purchased with 10,000 Aeos Coins of 575 Aeos Gems in Pokémon Unite.

Best of luck out there with Delphox!

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