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Pokémon Unite Mew build, best items and moveset

How to get the most out of the psychic attacker.

A strong Mew build will allow you to turn this Mythical Pokémon into a powerful opponent in Pokémon Unite - the MOBA Pokémon game.

Mew is classified as an Attacker Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, so, when playing, your core goals will be to inflict damage and knocking out enemy Pokémon to then use this opportunity to score points.

To do any of this, you will need to be acquainted with the best items and moves for Mew.

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Mew build: Our recommendations for the best Mew moveset in Pokémon Unite

Mew lands into the Attacker Role in Pokémon Unite, which allows this Pokémon’s playstyle to subsist of whittling down opponents’ HP with moves, knocking out enemy Pokémon, and supporting in teamfights by disrupting enemies.

If you have yet to play as an Attacker Pokémon, Mew is an exceptional place to start learning this role.

Looking at Mew’s stats, it is fitting to essentially be used as an Attacker, but does gravitate towards mobility and support.

When using Mew, you will be damaging opponents from a distance, and protecting allies with its arsenal of different moves. Staying alive is of your topmost preference as to not fall behind in experience or neglect helping allies in fights.

As Mew, you will need to stay near another ranged Attacker such as Glaceon, next to a Supporter like Eldegoss to receive healing and shields, or a Defender like Snorlax to follow up on displacement moves used on enemy Pokémon.

Bombarding the enemy alongside another ranged Attacker will have your opponent’s HP diminishing away and having them depart for the time being to heal.

A Supporter will allow Mew to sustain longer, since Mew itself is very frail and has few choices to escape turbid situations against All-Rounder Pokémon such as Tyranitar or Buzzwole.

Defenders will grant Mew chances to flee combat by disrupting the enemy or using their body to sponge damage to make up for Mew’s low max HP.

Mew will need to be cautious at the start until it increases its max HP through levels; without these assets, it's one of the daintiest Pokémon, and can be caught by shock with few outcomes to escape.

Mew’s convenience of stealing last hits on wild Pokémon will deny the enemy experience, while you receive all of the blessings experience awards, from levels to upgraded versions of its many moves.

Mew’s first Passive Ability - Synchronize – will increase allies, and Mew’s movement speed by a few seconds each time Mew uses a move.

At the start of the match, you will need to choose Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf.

We recommend choosing Electro Ball due to it having the lowest cooldown, and being able to snipe the starting Bunnelby to take them out quick.

Mew will learn Coaching, Light Screen, or Agility at Level 3. Mew’s first move will damage enemies, while Mew’s second move will be providing shields, disruption, or escape conditions.

This is how Mew is able to lean into being more mobile, and supporting the team through its second move.

We recommend choosing Agility because, at the start of the match, you need an option to escape.

Being able to have two reserves of Agility available will have you zooming in and out, if needed. Do not worry about having Electro Ball and Agility at the start, since Mew can learn its other moves over the course of the match so you are not completely locked in with your starting choices–just until reaching Level 5.

Before we detail each of Mew’s six moves, Mew’s Basic Attack gains one boost counter each time a move is used for a maximum of three boost counters.

When Mew had three boost counters, its next Basic Attack becomes a Boosted Attack that consumes all of the counters and launches an orb of psychic energy to an opposing Pokemon. This orb has increased damage dependent on how far it has travelled.

Since Electro Ball alongside Agility can be used more than other moves due to cooldown and reserves, this is why these two are the starting best choices, so Mew can use more of this impressive Boosted Attack.

When using this Boosted Attack, use Agility to move even farther away from the opponent to deal a considerable chunk of damage.

Electro Ball is a sure-hit move that unleashes an electric sphere to enemy Pokémon that leaves them paralyzed for a small time.

This move will deal additional damage to Pokémon with low remaining HP. When upgraded, its paralysis will be more potent.

Solar Beam is an area move inflicting damage in a line, and grants extra boost counters for each Pokémon hit.

When upgraded, its cooldown will be reduced by one second for each Pokémon that it blasted.

Surf is a hindrance move that gives Mew a shield and immune to hindrances then shoves Pokémon, while leaving them stunned. You will receive extra boost counters for each Pokémon hit.

The end of this move can have the user jump to a certain direction, leaving it immune to hindrances. When upgraded, the shield gained will be more effective.

Electro Ball, Solar Beam, and Surf are Mew’s first set of moves that are for damaging enemies.

Coaching has Mew teleport to an ally, and give them a shield while also increasing that Pokémon’s basic attack speed.

Using Coaching will also reduce the cooldown of Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf. When upgraded, this move’s cooldown is reduced.

Light Screen creates a wall that enemy Pokémon cannot pass through, and will be displaced. Using Light Screen again, will have the user move with the wall, which will reduce incoming damage passed through the screen itself.

If Mew’s Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf goes through the wall, the move’s range, damage, and area of effect will be heightened. When upgraded, the size of the wall will be larger.

Agility allows Mew to dash in a direction, while increasing its movement speed for a moment. Two uses can be kept in reserve. When upgraded, the distance is increased.

Mew’s second set of moves are used to amplify its mobility or provide support to teammates. Lastly, Mew will learn its Unite Move at Level 8 – Mystical Mirage.

Mew creates a swirling mirage, and becomes invincible. Mew, and allies in the field of this enter stealth. Stealth grants Pokémon to be receive sure-hit moves, and other single targeting Unite Moves.

After the set time passes, Mystical Mirage deals damage to enemy Pokemon in the area of effect.

It’s best to use Mystical Mirage to support teammates in their escape or to engage in teamfights due to its stealth.

Due to Mew having a low HP pool, you can also use it as a solo escape or to deal damage, while other moves of yours are still on cooldown.

Mystical Mirage is used to coordinate with allies, and needs to be used more tactfully / skillfully.

Much of the time, its main positive is allowing your team to pursue the enemy or getting away with minimal harm, if a fight becomes too difficult to win. It can surely save most teammates caught in a bind.

Mew's evolution line in Pokémon Unite explained

Mew does not have an evolution line, but an aspect to take into account is that, upon reaching Level 5, it will gain 5% move cooldown alongside gaining its second Passive Ability, Move Reset.

Reach Level 5 with Mew as soon as possible to receive cooldown reduction, but more importantly its Move Reset.

Move Reset allows Mew to learn, relearn, or forget moves. Move Reset’s cooldown will be lowered with each enemy knockout, assist, and goal. Using Move Reset will also add Unite Move energy towards Mystical Mirage.

Being able to continually juggle Move Reset’s usage, when it is available, will allow you to have Mew’s Unite Move ready to use more often.

Best held items for Mew in Pokémon Unite

When deciding on Held Items in Pokémon Unite, you need to acknowledge the items that will increase the Pokémon’s strengths to then mask its weaknesses.

Mew will be advantageous in defeating/stealing wild Pokémon, enemy Pokémon and escaping fights from farther away to score goals.

For these reasons, Mew will need Wise Glasses plus Choice Specs for its first two slots to increase its already high damage output.

These will both increase Mew’s Special Attack greatly, and increases the power of Electro Ball, Surf, and Solar Beam.

Focus Band should be the last slot option for Mew. Focus Band will aid in healing, increasing defence and increasing special defence due to Mew being one of the more delicate attackers in-game.

We recommend choosing Focus Band so you can endure the initial minutes of the match, when you are still trying to reach Level 5.

The extra defence with additional special defence will allow Mew to withdraw, if cornered by Speedsters such as Absol, Talonflame, Zeraora, or Gengar.

Fleeing with even a small speck of HP or reaching back into the chaos after Focus Band’s healing will allow you to be a deadly Pokémon in the match by unleashing damage or disrupting the enemy to help allies get to safety.

You will not be able to learn or forget moves at the start, so you want to avoid teleporting back to base or you will miss out on experience to reach Level 5.

Best battle items for Mew in Pokémon Unite

It is ideal to choose Eject Button for Mew’s Battle Item in Pokémon Unite.

Mew doesn’t have too many mobility options to escape dire situations outside of choosing Agility. Surf, and Light Screen together can be used to create distance, but if Move Reset is on cooldown, then you may not have these two move options available to use.

Other Attackers such as Glaceon with its Icy Wind or Greninja with its Smokescreen are excellent at escaping frantic fights, but Mew transcends in poking the enemy with its damaging moves, and offering assistance with its supportive moves such as Coaching’s shields or Light Screen pushing enemies away.

Eject Button will get you out of most situations in a flash or let you pursue teammates in combination with Mystical Mirage.

Using Eject Button to poof in then use Surf and Light Screen can create room to save an ally to teamfight later on. Make sure to use Eject Button as a final hope because of its long cooldown.

How to unlock Mew in Pokémon Unite

Mew can be unlocked through its Mural Challenge. Individual challenges can also be expedited with the use of Aeos Gems or all of the challenges can be marked as complete with it totalling 600 Aeos Gems.

Though Mew is placed in the Novice difficulty category in the game, it will take time to juggle its six moves with Move Reset.

It will take quite a few matches to discern, and when to use each move in tandem or how to combine best with another; but the payoff is grand

Mew can be one of the best special attackers that can support allies with its buffs, from its shields, disruption, and stealth.

Best of luck out there with Mew!

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