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Dragonite added to Pokémon Unite in holiday event

Christmas time, Dragonite is mine.

Pokémon Unite gives the gift of Dragonite this holiday season.

An update on 15th December will see plenty of new content added to the MOBA game, including the big orange dragon as a playable character from 20th December.

A new trailer for the game shows the Pokémon in action, as well as the new Christmas-themed content.

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Plenty of outfits are included, whether you want to turn Crustle into a jingle bell rock, want a Snorlax dressed as a holiday chef, or simply want to put a little Santa hat on a Blastoise.

There are of course outfits for your trainer too, to get them looking festive.

In addition, a Snowball Battle mode will take place in Shivre City from 15th December to 16th January. Here, KO'd Pokémon will turn into snowmen, though they're still able to give tactical advice while awaiting revival. Delibird will also appear and, once defeated, will drop a gift box containing a random one-time battle item. Lastly, wild Pokémon in the central area will be replaced by icy legendary bird Articuno.

There are even more challenges too. The Illumination Challenge (from 15th December to 16th January) tasks players with lighting up a festive tree in the lobby by collecting lights earned through daily challenges. A Photo Challenge will also take place from 24th December to 6th January, where players collect snowflakes to complete seasonal art.

Lastly, as a new year bonus (from 1st - 3rd January), players will have access to every license in Unite for free (except rank matches).

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