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Elden Ring calculator is invaluable tool for magic users

Let Me Maths For You.

Mages rejoice! There's now a fan-made calculator for Elden Ring that could prove invaluable.

The stats system in Elden Ring can be a little complex, balancing character stats, spell schools, and weapon types to work out how much damage you're actually doing.

Now, though, there's a tool to do the maths for you. Praise the calculator!

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Twitch streamer Jerp has created the Elden Ring Casting Tool Comparator (spotted by Kotaku).

Essentially it's a calculator. Enter your character stats, choose a spell school, and the tool will spit out the best weapon for the job.

It means you might be able to eke out a bit more power from a staff or seal you hadn't yet considered.

Jerp's tool is based on TarnishedSpreadsheet's Weapon Calculator, which does a similar job for all weapons.

Tools like these might just give you the edge in battle - especially in PvP mode. Unless you meet Jesus in-game that is.