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Elden Ring player meets Jesus for holy duel

The Rapture is coming.

An Elden Ring player met Jesus in-game.

Reddit user Mar_Reddit shared a video of the holy encounter (thanks Kotaku), where he invaded another player's game only to discover dedicated role-players posing as Jesus and Satan awaiting him in the Rapture pose.

While he thought it was a trap, he moves closer to discover their true identities and share an Erdtree heal incantation like a prayer.

Things then take a turn when Mar_Reddit makes a leaping slash at Satan, with Jesus joining in to take down his unholy pal. "I'm teaming up with Jesus to fight Satan," he giggles.

Then, after Satan dies in flames and a quick prayer to Jesus, the two battle it out in a tense duel of incantations. Jesus no!

All hell breaks loose when, in a final twist, the deadliest threat of all arrives on the scene: the Tree Sentinel. The horse-riding boss proceeds to kill Jesus and all is lost.

It's a win for the invader though.

Elden Ring players have been using the character creation to build various iconic people, but the role-playing in this video is exceptional. Have a watch below.

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