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Netflix's new Sonic cartoon actor receives blessing from Roger Craig Smith

Deven Mack joins "wild little family of talking blue hedgehogs".

Canadian voice actor Deven Mack will play Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Prime and has received the blessing of Sonic's game voice actor.

Sonic Prime is a new Netflix animation revealed yesterday. Mack joins Roger Craig Smith as Sonic's game voice and Ben Schwartz as the film voice.

Mack shared a thank you video on Twitter following the response to his casting and noted that the other actors will maintain their roles.

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"If I could be serious for a minute, real talk, I'll join the ranks of some amazing talents who have and will still be performing this legendary character in the video games and movies, so I like it to be perfectly clear that they ain't going anywhere, and I wouldn't have it any other way, they've been doing amazing work for years that I legit can't wait to hear more of," he said.

He also notes how scary it's been taking on the role. "I say that because I understand just how much these characters mean to so many people," he says, before stating how he looked up to Sonic as a child.

Smith also tweeted the news: "Welcome @DevenOClock to the wild little family of talking blue hedgehogs."

Smith will continue to voice Sonic in the games. Last year he departed the role after ten years, but confirmed his return four months later.

Mack has received a warm welcome to Sonic from fans on social media.

Sonic Prime is yet to receive a release date but is coming soon, according to Netflix.

There's also the Sonic Frontiers game on the way and the Sonic Origins game collection, on top of the recently released Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film.

Fans of the blue blur certainly have lots to enjoy at the moment.