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Pokémon Go A Rocky Road research quest steps explained

Here's your chance to catch Alolan Geodude!

A Rocky Road is the latest Community Day research quest in Pokémon Go.

Releasing as part of the Pokemon Go May 2022 Community Day, it is focused around the highlighted Pokémon - Alolan Geodude - and requires you buy a ticket from the in-game store leading up to or during the event hours to participate.

The quest adds some welcome structure to the event - and a handful of rewards, including Alolan Geodude encounters, and Golden Razz Berries - as part of the ticket.

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25 Years of Memories | #Pokemon25

A Rocky Road research quest steps in Pokémon Go

The A Rocky Road research quest in Pokémon Go is available on May 21, 2022 between 11am to 5pm local time only.

Thankfully the quest only consists of four challenges, which makes it very easy to complete during the set amount of time.

Here are the A Rocky Road research quest steps:

'A Rocky Road' Step 1 of 4

  • Power up Pokémon 10 times (15x Poké Ball)
  • Catch 15 Geodude (Alolan Geodude encounter)
  • Make 5 Nice Throws (Geodude encounter)

Rewards: 1x Lure Module, 15x Geodude Candy, 2000 Stardust

'A Rocky Road' Step 2 of 4

  • Catch 15 Geodude (30x Geodude Candy)
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon (Alolan Geodude encounter)
  • Evolve 3 Geodude (15x Pinap Berry)

Rewards: 1500 XP, 1x Poffin, Geodude encounter

'A Rocky Road' Step 3 of 4

  • Make 3 Great Curveballs (50x Geodude Candy)
  • Evolve 1 Graveler (1x Incense)
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon (15x Great Ball)

Rewards: 2500 XP, 1x Rocket Radar, 15x Ultra Balls

'A Rocky Road' Step 4 of 4

  • Claim reward (2x Silver Pinap Berry)
  • Claim reward (2x Golden Razz Berry)
  • Claim reward (3500 XP)

Rewards: 3000 Stardust, 2x Rare Candy, Alolan Golem encounter

The Season of Timeless Travels in Pokémon Go is coming to an end with the Go Tour: Sinnoh Global event. During this event you can complete Go Tour 2024: It's About Time and Space, Legends 0486 quest and use the new Adventure Effects by catching either Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia. During it, take the time to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

Everything else you need to know about A Rocky Road in Pokémon Go

Releasing as part of the May 2022 Community Day, A Rocky Road focused around the highlighted Pokémon - Alolan Geodude - and requires you buy a ticket from the in-game store leading up to or during the event hours to participate.

As mentioned when you purchase, the bonuses are only available on Community Day itself, so be sure to finish it on the day. After all, when's the next time you'll be able to catch 15 Geodude to complete the steps involved?

That said, you'll likely get through the quest quickly, as each stage is pretty straightforward. One recommendation during the second and third steps is to transfer Pokémon other than Geodude, then waiting for the next 2x Candy transfer Spotlight Hour to transfer your Geodude catches. Alolan Geodude is rare enough to go through the hassle of squeezing out every possible Candy!

Besides that, other Community Day best practices apply; always use a Lure, and Incense any Stops you will spin regularly; use a Pinap Berry for each catch to double your Candy; and evolve a dragon-type Mega Evolution - such as Mega Altaria, Mega Ampharos or Mega Charizard X - during the event for +1 Candy per catch. It's also recommended to apply Lucky Eggs to make use of the 3x Catch XP bonus, too.

Also, pace yourself throughout the day. Though it's an excellent opportunity to get a lot of Geodude, including many shiny versions, by evolving before 7pm local time, you may find after an hour or two's play you'll have more than enough to fully evolve and power up a high IV catch to use in battle.

So take care over the six hours, take regular rest, and hydrate!

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