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February 2005 Archive

    1. Monday News Roundup
    2. Free update for FM 2005 next week
    3. Interview With A Black Mage
    4. Atari signs Fahrenheit
    5. Reader Reviews
    6. In-game ads for Anarchy Online
    7. Nintendo trials DS downloads
    1. News Corp denies Eidos interest
    1. Troika shuts its doors
    2. What's New?
    3. Nintendo suspects Zelda rip-off
    4. Free TrackMania for Mirror readers
    5. Nintendo's plans for May
    6. TrackMania Sunrise
    1. Eidos insiders confirm News Corp deal is imminent
    2. Puyo Pop Fever for the DS
    3. BattleBorne announces 6GUN
    4. Free MechAssault 2 maps for download
    5. Sony halts PSX production
    6. Chaos Theory single-player demo
    7. SOCOM 3 deploying this autumn
    8. Nintendo of Europe's Q2 line-up
    1. Rainbow Six: Lockdown
    2. Industry rumour links News Corp to Eidos as SCi takes stock market crown
    3. Ubi to publish America's Army console title this summer
    4. This And That: Wednesday News Roundup
    5. EA hit with fresh class action suit over unpaid overtime
    6. Battlefield 2 in June, Modern Combat in 2005
    7. DS/GBA Play-Yan adapter can also play games
    8. Sony to repair defective PSPs
    1. UK Charts: LucasArts knocks itself off the top
    2. SEGA to publish NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005
    3. SUNFLOWERS working on dinosauric RTS for Q4
    4. Meet The Colonel
    5. Driver, Mutant Storm at head of Sold Out's March
    6. Killer 7 set for summer launch worldwide?
    7. The Godfather: The Game
    8. The Team behind the Don
    9. Eugene Jarvis to receive IGDA's Lifetime Achievement Award
    10. Play Rainbow Six 4 before anyone else!
    1. Nintendo unveils arcade Mario Kart title
    2. Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich demo
    3. Konami working on another Suikoden?
    4. Microsoft's guides to leetspeak and cyberbullies
    5. Ubi's future on line as EA won't rule out acquisition
    6. Nintendo plans horror film promotions for Resi Evil 4
    7. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    1. What's New?
    2. Capcom 'dream team' working on PS2 title?
    3. Valve updates HL2 Deathmatch with new weapons, map
    4. Midway signs RTS from Stainless Steel
    5. Romero and Josh Sawyer leading Gauntlet rebirth
    6. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
    1. Pursuit Force joins the PSP racing pack
    2. Europa Universalis II on Nintendo DS
    3. TOCA Race Driver 2 PSP trailer
    4. Square Enix unsure when Final Fantasy XII will launch
    5. Vivendi to bring BloodRayne 2, Advent Rising to Europe
    6. Midway plans third run of Arcade Treasures
    7. Sony announces pricing for PSP's UMD movies
    1. Namco working on Popeye GBA title
    2. PSP European launch line-up
    3. UK Charts: KOTOR II beats World of Warcraft to No.1
    4. Romance of the Three Kingdoms goes online
    5. Sony declines to comment on SOCOM III rumours
    6. Final Fantasy XI bullies banned
    7. Japanese gamers offered Pepsi-blue Nintendo DS
    8. Dave Jones' MMO turf war title due in 2007
    9. Core Design unveils PSP puzzler
    1. Resi 4 Chainsaw Controller coming to the UK
    2. Europe WOWs Blizzard with Warcraft MMO uptake
    3. Fired Up
    4. Singles sequel set for May release
    5. Matrix Online Euro testers sought, date confirmed
    6. Relic working on Dawn of War expansion
    7. Mastiff ready to Pump It Up on PS2/Xbox
    1. City of Heroes Diary #4
    2. Re-enter The Matrix with Path of Neo
    3. Future confirms £97 million bid for Highbury
    4. Metroid Pinball for Nintendo DS?
    5. Homebrew devs run Tetris on Nintendo DS
    6. Sony dances with VIS for PS2's action-adventure
    7. Four more UMD movies for PSP in April
    8. TrackMania owners given Sunrise beta demo
    9. World Tour Soccer
    10. TimeSplitters Future Perfect
    1. All-star cast revealed for Batman videogame
    2. Second Xbox-exclusive Dancing Stage due in March
    3. Eidos closes Ion Storm Austin
    4. High street price war kicks off in the UK
    5. Sony demonstrates PSP Game Sharing
    6. Unexplained Nintendo trademarks prompt speculation
    7. MediEvil
    8. Formula One
    1. Atari unveils New York empire-builder
    2. Rising Star's hackandslash destined for June release
    3. WRC
    4. Gang Wars promotes 'big force' in Konami development
    5. Try full version of Republic for an hour
    6. Exclusive TimeShift screenshots
    7. Marvel vs. EA exposed?
    8. Ubisoft confirms it will publish Lumines
    1. WipEout Pure
    2. Doom 3 Xbox port, PC expansion dated worldwide
    3. Isometric GBA Rayman due in March
    4. ZOO confirms Sudeki PC due in March
    5. PSP to feature online play at US launch
    6. Delta Force remake due soon?
    1. City of Heroes Diary #3
    2. UK Charts: Sonic Mega Collection ends NFSU2's run
    3. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 gets Soaked!
    4. HL2 DM, CS Source, HL2 single-player updates soon
    5. Nintendo DS goes on UK tour
    6. Two Call of Duty titles due before April 2006
    7. Doom 3 Xbox port and PC expansion delayed
    1. EA steels Superman development effort
    2. Mist Walker working on DS strategy-RPG
    3. Capcom unveils Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance
    4. Without Warning, Capcom signs
    5. NCsoft responds to City of Heroes CD key confusion
    1. Microsoft does not deny Halo movie reports
    2. And The Rest: Friday News Roundup
    3. Namco plans Tekken 5 premium bundle for the States
    4. 2K Games to co-publish Elder Scrolls, Cthulhu titles
    5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R delayed again
    6. UK Charts: NFSU2 enters the record books
    7. PlayStation Portable to miss March date in Europe
    8. Forza Motorsport delayed
    9. New publisher to bring niche Japanese titles to Europe
    10. 24 American PSP launch titles named
    11. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
    12. Forza Motorsport
    1. PSP priced at $249.99 in North America; launch set for March 24th
    2. Sony Europe to publish God of War this year
    3. Activision making game of third Shrek film
    4. Resident Evil 4 Cube bundle on 18th March
    5. Rainbow Six: Lockdown multiplayer details
    6. SI and Sega pledge extensive support to War Child
    1. World of Warcraft due on 11th February
    2. Star Wars: Republic Commando demo
    3. Ghosts, gambling and Freelancer join Xplosiv range
    4. Incredible success prompts Incredibles sequel
    1. Project: Snowblind
    2. EA founder Hawkins joins AIAS Hall of Fame
    3. Ubi to publish piratey MMOG
    4. Konami unveils MGS3 Euro additions
    5. Rainbow Six 4 'immersion' trailer
    6. Gran Turismo 4 dated in Europe
    7. Bandai outlines Eureka Seven anime/PS2 project
    8. Konami adds multiplayer to Metal Gear Acid
    9. Join The Great Art Race
    10. City of Heroes Diary #2