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Atari unveils New York empire-builder

It's not autobiographical though.

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Atari has announced a new PC empire-building sim that charges players with "making it big" in a detailed facsimile of New York City. Due out in Q4 2005, Tycoon City: New York has players constructing and customising hundreds of businesses and famous landmarks set around the city.

Starting off as a budding entrepreneur, the player will create, upgrade and customise over 100 types of business including nightclubs, restaurants, Broadway theatres and more, putting on concerts in Central Park and generally exploiting the city that never sleeps to the tune of a tidy profit.

Developed by UK-based outfit Deep Red Games, creators of Beach Life and Monopoly Tycoon amongst other things, Tycoon City is the sort of game that anyone can play, according to senior veepee of marketing for Atari Europe Martin Spiess. "Tycoon City: New York builds upon the human desire to create empires that often begins with a few simple building blocks as a kid," he said this week.

"Anyone can play the game and have a great time creating their own New York City without the need for a degree in town planning, but players will need the eye of the tiger to really make it big," he added.

We should get to know more about Tycoon City soon. In the meantime, you can find a single screenshot here.

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