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Matrix Online Euro testers sought, date confirmed

Enter The Matrix Online, redpills.

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SEGA Europe is seeking beta testers for MMOG The Matrix Online, which we now know is due to launch in Europe on 8th April with a US release taking place a fortnight earlier on 22nd March.

All you have to do to sign up is head over to the SEGA Europe website and sign up for "SEGA City", which presumably has other perks to boot, and you'll be emailed when the publisher starts accepting online applications.

The Matrix Online, which is being distributed by SEGA on behalf of Warner Bros. Interactive and developer Monolith, takes place after the end of The Matrix Revolutions film and has been developed in collaboration with Matrix creators the Wachowski brothers.

It sees a community of "redpills" - people who have been removed from the Matrix in the same way Neo was in the first film - trying to uphold the uneasy truce that was established in the trilogy's final moments in the face of aggression from elements of the human and machine worlds and the meddling of that pesky Merovingian.

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