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Sony announces pricing for PSP's UMD movies

And adds The House of Flying Daggers to its release list.

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Sony has revealed that it will charge between $19.95 and $28.95 for movies released on the PlayStation Portable's proprietary UMD format, and has added The House of Flying Daggers to the release list.

The martial arts flick (with "art" being the operative bit, we reckon) will cost $28.95 and is due out on 19th April, the same day as the US/Region 1 DVD of the film is due out - something that should become a pattern for new releases, according to Sony.

The platform holder plans to charge $28.95 or thereabouts for new films released on UMD at the same time as their respective DVDs, but will only charge $19.95 for films that have already been released.

As such, the other four previously announced UMD titles - Hellboy, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, XXX and Once Upon A Time In Mexico - will all retail for $19.95 when they go on sale on 19th April.

Following the five releases in April, Sony plans to release new titles at monthly intervals thereafter. The first million PSPs sold in the States following its 24th March release will also come with a UMD movie copy of Spider-Man 2.

The only other confirmed UMD movie at this time, Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, has yet to be formally dated or priced. In fact, to our knowledge Square Enix is still working on it.

However Sony Japan has indicated how it will price UMD movies, announcing pricing of around 3,900 yen, which is approximately $37 or €28. So those of us who imported from Japan will not only be unable to understand the films, but will also have to pay more. D'oh!

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