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Activision making game of third Shrek film

Which prompted more of an "Ooh, they're doing a Shrek 3!" style response than anything else, understandably.

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Did you know they'd already agreed to do a Shrek 3 film? We've obviously not been paying close enough attention. But hey, we liked the first two really quite a lot, so we're not that bothered. The news that Activision's already working on a Shrek 3 game for release alongside the film in summer 2007 is, however, slightly less exciting.

The Shrek 2 game was apparently ranked No.1 children's videogame for the US in 2004, which is a bit discouraging as we seem to remember it being formulaic and inoffensive but overwhelmingly tedious compared to a heck of a lot of other platform guff we're sent to get through. Give the kids Metal Arms, for Pete's sake.

Still, the third time is invariably lucky, and by 2007 the game may very well resemble the film to an unprecedented degree; indeed, the likelihood is that Shrek 3 will be a next-generation title, since Activision isn't discussing platforms and it's widely thought that Xbox 2, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution will all be on the market by that time.

In the meantime, as exclusive rights-holder Activision is also preparing games based on DreamWorks' other animated/CG films Shark Tale, Madagascar and Over the Hedge.

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