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SEGA to publish NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005

Sports Interactive's second big hockey management title due out this summer, full of revisions and new features requested by fans.

SEGA Europe is set to publish NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 this summer on PC/Mac, full of new features and revisions - many of which were influenced by feedback from fans of last year's Eastside Hockey title.

NHL EHM 2005 will feature more than 15 playable leagues with 3,200 teams and 32,000 players and staff - each listed in detail with more than 50 attributes. Developer Sports Interactive has also revamped the scouting aspect of the game allowing for player comparisons, talent reports and points projections.

In analysing player performance, SI has also implemented a "much requested" Hot Or Not report feature, as well as a new 2D snapshot view which reveals player positioning second-by-second. With all these tools you'll be able to command your own legion of padded puck-peddlers, trading players, signing free agents, drafting new talent at training camps, and even firing head coaches to appease the board when results don't go your way.

SI's own head coach (well, managing director) Miles Jacobson said the 2005 edition owed a lot to the fans. "We have listened to what they have had to say, and have reacted accordingly," he said. "The new look of the game makes it a lot easier to browse around, and the new features help make it an even fuller Hockey management experience."

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