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TrackMania owners given Sunrise beta demo

If you own TrackMania, you can now try out a demo version of the sequel and activate it using your original CD.

Digital Jesters and French developer Nadeo have decided to reward fans of the original TrackMania by making a beta version of the sequel available to them a full two months before the game is expected to ship on 8th April.

If you own a copy of TrackMania - either the original version or the Power Up! re-release - then you can download the 300MB Sunrise beta demo here and activate it using the original CD.

The demo consists of two environments featured in the game available in race, puzzle and platform modes. Race, naturally, simply involves winning, while puzzle is TrackMania's forte - tasking you with constructing the most efficient track design possible to finish in a certain time - and platform mode is one of Sunrise's new additions.

"This was the most obvious way that we could reward the fanatical followers of the TrackMania series," DJs' Leo Zullo explained. "There are members of that community that have supported the game from day one. It was only right that they get the opportunity to sample the Sunrise experience before anyone else."

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