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Ubisoft confirms it will publish Lumines

French publisher picks up PSP puzzler from Rez legend Mizuguchi for US release.

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Ubisoft revealed that it has struck a deal with Japanese firm Bandai to publish music and lights puzzler Lumines for the PlayStation Portable in the USA this March, confirming reports based on retail leakages earlier this year.

Lumines has been developed by Japanese Q Entertainment under the creative direction of renowned developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, hero among many of the hardcore for his work on the likes of PlayStation 2 cult classic Rez and Dreamcast/PS2 rhythm-action title Space Channel 5.

Upon its release as one of the PSP's Japanese launch titles, Lumines sold more than 40,000 units in the region and has become one of the most critically acclaimed of the young Sony's handheld's launch titles - picking up an 8/10 score from Eurogamer amongst other glowing reports.

There's no word on whether the deal applies to Europe at this stage.

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