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Exclusive TimeShift screenshots

Atari and Saber Interactive's time-manipulation FPS for PC and Xbox is looking pretty sharp - as you can see in these five new screenshots.

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Atari has released a handful of screenshots of Saber Interactive's time-bending PC and Xbox first-person shooter TimeShift, which you can find exclusively on the site today here.

The shots demonstrate an impressive level of environmental and weapons detail, with some neat lighting affects also in evidence - reflecting the strength of the Saber3D game engine, which employs normal mapping, advanced parallax lighting and other funky-sounding effects.

Signed up by Atari for release in autumn 2005, TimeShift gives players the chance to slow down, stop and rewind the world around them - a first for a narrative-driven FPS title - and will be resplendent with all the genre's current graphical and environmental pre-requisites, including advanced physics for objects and characters.

The time-manipulation will be integrated rather than a simple gimmick, according to Atari and Saber, and, along with "bizarre" takes on the likes of the sniper rifle, machinegun and other expected weapons, will form part of an alternate timeline, universe and scenario dreamt up by a renowned Hollywood writer/director.

You can read plenty more about TimeShift and find a few more shots in our previous coverage.

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