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2nd November 2007


9th January 2006

TimeShift multiplayer beta

TimeShift map pack hits Live

At 88mph and rising.

Marty McFly has put five free TimeShift maps on Xbox Live. Biff tried to stop him but Doc helped and everything turned out alright in the end.

X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Seven

Digital FoundryX360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Seven

One man, 12 games, many arguments.

After a joyous yuletide spent playing Naughty Dog's supreme Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, it's back to the frontlines of the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 console war for this reporter, with the latest battery of cross-platform confrontations. You know the score by now: impartial criticism on each multi-format release is the name of the game, the aim being to supplement the original Eurogamer reviews with additional commentary relevant to each version of the game, with gameplay the primary concern.

As is the norm with our face-off comparison features, each game feature is supplemented with a range of ultra-clean screengrabs losslessly extracted from the HDMI ports of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Elite. A Digital Foundry HD capture station is used to acquire every last pixel output by the consoles at full 24-bit precision, with the unit calibrated to full-range RGB and both systems set up likewise. As 1080p performance is so variable on PlayStation 3, we've included screenshots of this video mode in action where applicable and how the results compare to the Xbox 360's in-built GPU scaler on the same titles.

So... the games then. A colossal array of wares to get through in what is the biggest face-off feature yet; 12 titles that between them rate a 'not bad at all' 7.5/10 when their Eurogamer review scores are taken as an average.

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Toy Home on PAL PSN

And Populous PSone.

Spare a thought for poor old Sony, still slaving away over the hobs of Internet-based file distribution, brow moist with the grimy sweat of a hundred peeled videogame trailers, arms caked with the grease of the fires of user verification wrappers, breath shallow with the [get on with it - Ed] - and all so we can play Toy Home (GBP 4.99) and the PSone's Populous: The Beginning (GBP 3.49).

TimeShift MP demo on Live


The promised multiplayer demo of TimeShift has arrived in all Xbox Live territories (except the moon) and weighs in at 867MB.

TimeShift demo on US PSN

Plus Twisted Metal 2 PSone.

If you go down to the US PlayStation Store today, you better not go alone - you better take nearly 1.5GB of hard disk space with you in order to download TimeShift and Need For Speed ProStreet demos.



Clocking in.

Relax! Do not adjust your internets! This is indeed a first-person shooter about manipulating the flow of time. But this one can do more than just slow it down! It can pause it and rewind it too! It might not sound like much, but this sort of evolutionary step gave us F.E.A.R., which took an old idea and made it all atmospheric and exciting again. Can TimeShift do the same?

It's certainly had long enough. Thrown back into development for an additional year, it now sees you, a scientist with a fancy time suit, jumping into an alternative timeline in search of another scientist with a fancy time suit, who has rebuilt the world in his image. Quickly dragooned into the local resistance, you set off in search of him, utilising your fancy suit's fancy abilities to press your new friends' case in violent fashion, solving the odd puzzle along the way.

Not that they need much solving, which is a shame. With your suit's built-in AI advising you of environmental obstacles (fire! electricity! etc!), and pre-selecting the appropriate time-shifting ability for a simple left-bumper tap, you won't have much trouble working out what to do. If there's a door that closes quickly in the vicinity of a switch that opens it, you can probably figure out the rest. If not, I doubt your computer made it out of the box and you're not even reading this. It gets a bit more complicated, but never enough to hold you up for longer than a few seconds.

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Sierra keen to risk new IP

Ramping up console creativity.

Sierra Entertainment has told GamesIndustry.biz it isn't afraid to take more risks than other publishers and that it's ramping up development of new IP like Prototype and F.E.A.R.

TimeShift demo on Live

Time is on my site.

TimeShift is available for you to try out on Xbox Live thanks to a 582MB playable demo, which ought to give you a steer on whether the game's additional year of development was a good idea.

TimeShift dated in US

No word on Europe.

Sierra Entertainment UK has remained quiet on a European date for TimeShift, following confirmation that it will be released across the US on 30th October.

TimeShift for PS3

Flies when you're having fun.

Vivendi has decided to spread TimeShift onto PS3, where it will join the already confirmed PC and Xbox 360 versions.


Erase and rewind.

If you were in Sierra's position and had to release a first person shooter knowing that there were 14 other competing titles in the genre being released at roughly the same time, what would you do?

TimeShift delayed until 2007

News item's late too.

Saber Interactive's upcoming PC and Xbox 360 first-person shooter TimeShift is going to be upcoming for a bit longer than anticipated.

VU confirms TimeShift snatch

VU confirms TimeShift snatch

Xbox version ditched.

Vivendi's confirmed reports that it's picked up the rights to publish Saber Interactive's time-bending first-person shooter TimeShift.

Previously being handled by Atari, TimeShift is now due out from another French lot, and in the process it's dropped a format - instead of Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC it's now due out on just Xbox 360 and PC. It's also being tipped for release simply during 2006, rather than within the next couple of months.

TimeShift pts players in the role of retired test pilot Michael Swift, who's testing a time-control device for the government only to discover it changes reality in lots of awkward ways that he has to blast, pause and rewind his way to righting.

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Having given up on Fahrenheit and left Atari to publish it, Vivendi's trying to get its own back by snaffling up TimeShift, which Atari was going to publish but - judging by reports from Vivendi's pre-E3 show in San Francisco - isn't any more.

TimeShift multiplayer beta

TimeShift multiplayer beta

Sign-ups open.

Atari's opened registration for beta-testing of the PC version of Saber Interactive's upcoming first-person shooter TimeShift, which is also due on Xbox and Xbox 360.

The sign-up form's available on a temporary website, so get in there if you want some. Then, if you fail, you can probably rewind and try again.

TimeShift takes the usual concept of a sci-fi-themed FPS and adds in various time-manipulation ideas. You can rewind, you can pause everything in the world except you, and more besides.

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TimeShift does a 360

Next-gen version due, PC slips.

Atari has hit us with a double whammy of TimeShift news, with the confirmation of the previously announced Xbox/PC title coming to Xbox 360 (hurrah!) and that ermů well, the PC version has slipped into 2006 (boooo).