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Vivendi nabs TimeShift

From Atari.

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Having given up on Fahrenheit and left Atari to publish it, Vivendi's trying to get its own back by snaffling up TimeShift, which Atari was going to publish but - judging by reports from Vivendi's pre-E3 show in San Francisco - isn't any more.

TimeShift, a first-person shooter in which you play with time in order to kill people and, you know, not die yourself in amongst it all, had been on its way to PC, Xbox and Xbox 360 - and may still be, although we understand Vivendi's only talking about the PC and X360 versions at this point.

It had also been due out rather soon, which raises the question of what happened - with nobody from either camp saying much at the moment. Still, if you're interested in checking out what they're fighting over, you can download a PC demo right now.

We'll let you know what happens to it. Apparently Vivendi's planning to ship it when it's done.

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