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TimeShift MP demo on Live


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Image credit: Eurogamer

The promised multiplayer demo of TimeShift has arrived in all Xbox Live territories (except the moon) and weighs in at 867MB.

TimeShift puts you in the boots and fancy time suit of a young man trying to undo the machinations of his old boss, who has gone back in time and remade the world so everyone worships him. Alright for some.

Not that that bit's relevant to the multiplayer, although the timey stuff actually is - as you have time grenades that create bubbles around your enemies that slow them down. Toss into a choke point, sit back and then laugh. And kill.

With lots of over the top guns, including a Gears of War style crossbow with explosive bolts and a big old rocket launcher, it's a fairly enjoyable romp played over Xbox Live, so by all means give it a go. We're not stopping you.

You can also read our review for more on how the rest of the game shapes up. It's out now on PC and Xbox 360, with a PlayStation 3 version due next month.

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