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VU confirms TimeShift snatch

Xbox version ditched.

Vivendi's confirmed reports that it's picked up the rights to publish Saber Interactive's time-bending first-person shooter TimeShift.

Previously being handled by Atari, TimeShift is now due out from another French lot, and in the process it's dropped a format - instead of Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC it's now due out on just Xbox 360 and PC. It's also being tipped for release simply during 2006, rather than within the next couple of months.

TimeShift pts players in the role of retired test pilot Michael Swift, who's testing a time-control device for the government only to discover it changes reality in lots of awkward ways that he has to blast, pause and rewind his way to righting.

TimeShift should make an appearance at E3 - and there's a PC demo available already, with the game's new website now live at timeshift.sierra.com.

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