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TimeShift demo on US PSN

Plus Twisted Metal 2 PSone.

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If you go down to the US PlayStation Store today, you better not go alone - you better take nearly 1.5GB of hard disk space with you in order to download TimeShift and Need For Speed ProStreet demos.

They are both on there, for free, so you can download them if you wink-wink live in the America. And if you wink-wink have an American credit card, you can also download Twisted Metal 2 for the PSone, which will work on either your PS3 or PSP depending on where you ram it. USD 5.99 is all you'll be asked to pay. Apart from tax, obviously.

"Americans" can also pick from a range of downloadable add-ons for The Godfather: Don's Edition. Free add-ons give you three additional favour missions, add USD 50,000 to your game portfolio and get you a "free Mobface Bundle", whatever that is.

Or you can pay in increments between 99 cents and USD 7.49 for even more in-game money, level-4 weapons, a hired assassin, 12 additional challenges and all of the above thrown together in a single bundle. Head to the Store or the Sony US blog for specifics.

This week's US update also adds three trailers for Burnout Paradise (Annihilator, Hawker and Roadster), and one each for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Attack), Beowulf, Need For Speed ProStreet, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Tokyo Game Show trailer) and PlayStation Eye.

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