Need for Speed ProStreet


EA: NFS series has sold more than 100m

More than $2.7 billion in revenue.

New Need for Speed game unveiled

EA admits to "torturing" workers.

Review | PSP Roundup

The brilliant Fading Shadows, PES 2008 and others.

EA: NFS series has sold more than 100m

More than $2.7 billion in revenue.

New Need for Speed game unveiled

EA admits to "torturing" workers.

Review | PSP Roundup

The brilliant Fading Shadows, PES 2008 and others.

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Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack, BioShock, Phantasy Star, Stranglehold, Guitar Hero, more.

EA aware of ProStreet PS3 glitches

Frustrated as much as you.

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Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and many more. Ding!

EA regrets NFS porn promotion

Slipped through approval process.

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Simpsons, Lego Star Wars, COD4, Tony Hawk and ProStreet.

Games good for musicians - JXL

Dutch mixer supports medium.

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Is nothing cul-de-sacred?

NFS ProStreet premium DLC

Buy progress in Career.

PC ProStreet demo up now

Down with cats and dogs.

TimeShift demo on US PSN

Plus Twisted Metal 2 PSone.

NFS ProStreet demo on Live

Tweak your engine parts.

Game music most influential

On youngsters, reckons EA.

NFS ProStreet in November

Loud cars and hair gel.

New Need For Speed unveiled

Exclusive trailer to eyeball.