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NFS ProStreet in November

Loud cars and hair gel.

EA has revealed that the latest instalment in the Need For Speed series will be available across nearly every format in the world ever on 1st November.

The big thrills this time will come from being able to tinker under the hood of your car, not just draw silly patterns on the outside. It means you can design and build your ride from scratch, then head online and show your friends how good it looks.

Races will come in various shapes and sizes, from grip, drag and drift modes to the all new speed challenge.

Need For Speed ProStreet is also promising better graphics, more realistic crowds, photo-swanky cars and dirty street atmosphere. It's likely to stay in the charts for roughly a year, too, if past experiences are anything to go by.

Pop over to our Need For Speed ProStreet gamepages to see how it's shaping up.