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EA aware of ProStreet PS3 glitches

Frustrated as much as you.

EA is well aware its December Need For Speed ProStreet patch is irreparably corrupting PS3 and PC versions of the game.

This doesn't mean a fix has been found, but the developer is narrowing the problem down and ambitiously predicts it will have something to say about it tomorrow.

"It frustrates us just as much that our great fans aren't able to have an enjoyable experience with ProStreet because of issues such as these," responded an EA moderator on the official forums.

"Hold tight though, as I've already heard some stuff from the team on what the issue(s) (for PS3 at least) might be. Hopefully I'll have something to report by tomorrow morning."

Symptoms of update 1.1's problems include game freezing and crashing when tuning cars or saving games, causing many disgruntled fans to unplug until a solution is found.

"I have been playing videogames since I was a kid, 20+ years," said one forum member probably faking their age. "And this is by far the glitchiest and buggy game I have ever played!"

"I can't believe this game even made it to retail! Aside from the freezing, the frame-rate drops off at certain points, and there are even pop-ups!"

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Need for Speed ProStreet

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