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TimeShift for PS3

Flies when you're having fun.

Vivendi has decided to spread TimeShift onto PS3, where it will join the already confirmed PC and Xbox 360 versions.

However, we're waiting to hear back from the publisher on when exactly the game's out and if there's any differences between the versions announced.

TimeShift was originally planned for a late 2005 release through the hands of Atari, but has since been dragged back to the drawing board, changed publishing hands, and been thoroughly updated for new technology.

It will let you manipulate time in your effort to splatter enemy brains all over the screen, apparently adjusting reactively to your gameplay style. So, if you're a timid fighter that hides behind cover you'll wield full time-stopping power, but if you're a trigger-happy Rambo you'll only be able to slow it down.

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