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TimeShift delayed until 2007

News item's late too.

Saber Interactive's upcoming PC and Xbox 360 first-person shooter TimeShift is going to be upcoming for a bit longer than anticipated.

Previously due out well before the end of 2006, the game - which sees the player bending time to his whim in an attempt to, well, kill people with guns and solve puzzles - is now set for release in 2007, and publisher Vivendi-Universal hasn't specified exactly when.

"Vivendi Games acquired TimeShift with the view that it would become a stand out FPS franchise," the publisher said last week - referring to the fact that the game had begun life with Atari, before VU signed it up in May. "Our commitment to that vision remains, and so the decision has been taken to move the title into 2007 to give it the time and resources needed to fulfil its potential."

As several observers have noted, this will probably put the game on store shelves a year after it was originally released as a PC demo. On the plus side, it'll give them ample time to sort out some of the things we found irritating about the PC demo, which you can still access to try out one playable level.

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