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TimeShift does a 360

Next-gen version due, PC slips.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Atari has hit us with a double whammy of TimeShift news, with the confirmation of the previously announced Xbox/PC title coming to Xbox 360 (hurrah!) and that erm… well, the PC version has slipped into 2006 (boooo).

Originally set for this autumn, the time-shifting (ah ha) first-person shooter developed by Sabre Interactive will find its PC release slip-sliding into spring next year, while the Xbox version hopefully remains on course for release in the next few months – although at the time of writing Atari couldn’t confirm this. Fingers crossed. Any changes, we'll let you know.

An Xbox 360 version is due around the same time as the PC iteration next year, so Microsoft-related platforms abound will be able to take part in the rather nice looking action-blaster, that allows you to stop, slow, speed-up, and reverse time. Better than it was done in Blinx, we hope.

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