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TimeShift multiplayer beta

Sign-ups open.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Atari's opened registration for beta-testing of the PC version of Saber Interactive's upcoming first-person shooter TimeShift, which is also due on Xbox and Xbox 360.

The sign-up form's available on a temporary website, so get in there if you want some. Then, if you fail, you can probably rewind and try again.

TimeShift takes the usual concept of a sci-fi-themed FPS and adds in various time-manipulation ideas. You can rewind, you can pause everything in the world except you, and more besides.

It's a bit weird sometimes - for example, when the world is paused you can still toss grenades, which then explode when you hit 'play' - but it has lots of nice ideas. The sections of the game we saw at Atari recently featured all sorts of amusing background bits, like an ongoing aerial battle that can spill over into the play area.

According to Atari UK's most recent schedule, all three versions of the game are due out on March 24th.

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