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Forza Motorsport delayed

Gran Turismo competitor (their hype, not ours) set to arrive in the States this May according to Microsoft US website update.

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Microsoft Game Studios' immensely promising competitor to Sony's Gran Turismo series, Forza Motorsport, has been set back to 3rd May in the USA according to Microsoft's official US website.

Gran Turismo 4, meanwhile, was dated for release on 22nd February in North America earlier this week and 9th March in Europe.

Microsoft's UK representatives weren't immediately able to confirm the US delay or discuss how it would reflect upon the game's scheduling in Europe, pointing out that the only announced European date so far is "spring", but it now seems likely that Xbox-owning racing sim fans will have to wait a little longer than expected.

You can read much more about Forza in our recent first impressions and interview.

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