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Pursuit Force joins the PSP racing pack

It's another PSP racing game! Except this one is about chasing crims across America, and it looks and sounds pretty decent.

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Sony has announced details of a Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit-style cops-and-robbers racing game for the PlayStation Portable this week, bringing the total number of racing games announced for the handheld to 472.

Pursuit Force is in development at Bigbig Studios (a satellite studio of Sony exclusivos Evolution Studios, if our corp-mem is accurate) for release this autumn, and we have three screenshots of it here.

The idea of the game, as we say, is very NFS Hot Pursuit-esque. You take on the role of "a young, cocky, street tough cop" who must bring various criminals to justice - including "The Killer 66, a deadly gang of far eastern origin," which is either a nod to or a lift from Kill Bill depending on how you look at it really - using only his driving skills and a slightly unnerving ability to leap between cars at speeds of over 150mph.

Your rookie will track down five criminal gangs across the 400km of city streets, freeways and off-road tracks that make up a fictional state in America, with more than 30 cases to deal with in the game's five districts, and by the looks of the shots and the description, when he catches up to his prey he leaps onboard and hangs on dodging bullets until he can apprehend the driver. Which is one way to do it.

Whatever - we like this sort of thing, and were always a bit disappointed when EA gave up on the Hot Pursuit series and started making neon baby oil adverts instead, so the prospect of joining the Pursuit Force certainly interests us. Hopefully we'll get to take a closer look at Pursuit Force soon.

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