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Capcom 'dream team' working on PS2 title?

Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry devs reportedly pooling their talents for a forthcoming PS2 title, Sengoku Basara, although confirmation is elusive.

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Capcom is reportedly developing a PlayStation 2 game that will bring Resident Evil 4's Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Devil May Cry's Makoto Tsuchibayashi together on the same project.

Called Sengoku Basara according to various reports, the game will see Kobayashi-san produce and Tsuchibayashi-san involved as character designer, and focuses on 16th century warlords Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune, important figures from the Sengoku era of Japanese history.

Reports also claim that Souichirou Hoshi, the voice of Kilik in Namco's Soul Calibur series, will play the role of Sanada, while Kazyuya Nakai, who voiced Final Fantasy X's Wakka, will handle the role of Date.

Capcom Eurosoft was unable to comment at the time of publication, but we expect to hear back next week. Until then, this is speculation. Very interesting speculation.

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