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ZOO confirms Sudeki PC due in March

Xbox action RPG finally confirmed for the PC.

ZOO Digital has confirmed the rather badly kept secret that it's preparing to publish a PC version of Climax Action's Xbox RPG Sudeki this 25th March.

Although we were distinctly underwhelmed by Sudeki's turn on Xbox when we took a look at it last year, it nonetheless garnered a certain amount of critical acclaim in the States in particular and thanks to this faithful port PC gamers will now have a chance to see how it stacks up against their strains of the genre.

A quick recap, then - you (gradually) take control of four heroes (from memory, a gobby princess, a sulky young soldier, a gunslinging Dutch boffin and a gypsy cat-woman) as they attempt to undo the imbalances of the world by journeying through hugely detailed locations battling, puzzling and chatting things back to normal.

The combat was something we certainly enjoyed, and it seems to have made it through unscathed, which is a good thing. You can of course revisit our thoughts on the game in our review of the Xbox version here.

Assuming we don't get tied up reviewing the 450 other things that are due out at the end of March, we hope to bring you some thoughts on the PC version around then.