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Ubi to publish America's Army console title this summer

America's Army: Rise of a Soldier, it's called, and it's for PS2 and Xbox - complete with online play for 16 people.

The unlikely alliance between French publisher Ubisoft and the US Army announced last April will blossom this summer with the release of America's Army: Rise of a Soldier for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The console game features a Career mode that lets you create a solider and journey from the recruitment office right through to Special Forces team leader, but Ubisoft insists there's no linear campaign design - meaning that the player can choose his or her own path through the ranks, specialising in various roles such as marksman or grenadier or aiming for Special Forces qualification.

Ubisoft's exclusive deal with the US Army also means that real Special Forces operatives are consulting with the designers, and that authentic weapons, equipment and combat situations will come as standard.

Rise of a Soldier will also have a 16-player online multiplayer option, although co-operative play will be limited to offline split-screen action. Apparently though the game's Career mode will also be integrated with PS2 Online and Xbox Live, "allowing players to create and build online characters".

You can find some screenshots of the game here, and we'll doubtless learn more about it at E3 in May.