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Doom 3 Xbox port and PC expansion delayed

March won't be when either's done, it seems.

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In news that will only be surprising to those occupying basement apartments in a rock, Activision has informed investors that Doom 3 PC expansion Resurrection of Evil and the long-awaited co-op enabled Xbox port of the original game have slipped into April.

Last night CEO Ron Doornink explained in the traditional post-financials conference call that the company had managed to make big piles of money "despite moving id Software's Doom 3 for the Xbox and the Doom 3 PC expansion pack to fiscal 2006".

That means both games will ship later than 1st April, which is the first day of Activision's 2006 fiscal year, in the USA. Discussing a possible April launch, Doornink later told analysts "our confidence level is very high that those SKUs will be released in April".

Doom 3 Xbox, in development at Vicarious Visions under id's supervision, will bring the vaunted PC FPS to console for the first time with a new co-operative mode and Xbox Live play. According to retail reports, a generous Collector's Edition package will also feature Live-enabled copies of PC titles Ultimate Doom and Doom II.

Resurrection of Evil, meanwhile, carries on from where Doom 3 left off. Inevitably when dealing with hellspawn, they don't just go away at the end of one game. Other highlights will include a double-barrelled shotgun and eight-player deathmatch support.

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