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Free update for FM 2005 next week

Sports Interactive plans to release the final Football Manager 2005 patch and reward fans' loyalty with a free data update to reflect changes up to 31st January.

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There's doubly good news for fans of Football Manager 2005 this evening as Sports Interactive and SEGA have just announced that next Wednesday, 2nd March, will see the release of the game's final patch along with a substantial free data update.

The data update will reflect changes in the football world that occurred between the game's initial release on 4th November and the end of the transfer window on 31st January - a total of more than 160,000 changes to players and coaching and managerial staff.

SI managing director Miles Jacobson expressed pleasure at being given the green light to offer the free update by publisher SEGA. "We are very happy to offer our fans this 'thank you' in recognition of the support that they have shown to us," he commented.

The data update will be made available free of charge on the SI Games and SEGA Europe websites and can be expected to propagate to other websites (including this one!) and magazine coverdisks soon thereafter.

SI and SEGA also said that Football Manager 2005 would be remastered, meaning that all stock manufactured from this point forward will include the updated database and final patch data to be made available next Wednesday.

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