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Four more UMD movies for PSP in April

Sony plans to release four more UMD movies for the PlayStation Portable in the States in April, with more to follow - in Europe, too.

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Sony will release four more movies on the PlayStation Portable's proprietary UMD format in the States on 19th April, the platform holder announced on Friday, and plans to start shipping UMD movies in Japan soon after "with Europe to follow".

According to the release, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has lined up XXX, Hellboy, Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Once Upon A Time In Mexico for release in mid-April, and additional movies will be released at monthly intervals thereafter.

Although Sony had been quiet on the future of UMD movies during the Japanese launch period, it's made the idea a central pillar of the US launch. When the PSP is made available on 24th March (priced $249.99), the first million units will feature bundled copies of the Spider-Man 2 movie.

Sony has yet to announce pricing for individual UMD movies, and a European launch schedule for the console is still up in the air.

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