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Meet The Colonel

Ubisoft takes Brothers In Arms' military advisor Colonel John Antal (US Army Retired) on a tour of shops in the UK this week.

With Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 due out on PS2, Xbox and PC this 18th March, Ubisoft is ratcheting up the PR campaign by bringing Colonel John Antal (US Army Retired), historian and military/authenticity advisor at Gearbox Software, to visit GAME and Gamestation stores around the UK this week.

Anybody at Gamestation in Dudley's Merry Hill Centre this afternoon between 12 and 5pm will be able to meet the Colonel and have him answer questions about the game and offer tactical advice based on his experiences. Then on Thursday the Colonel will appear at GAME in Bristol's Cribbs Causeway before ending his tour with another five-hour stint at GAME on London's Oxford Street.

Brothers In Arms, which is widely credited with taking a much more realistic and historically accurate approach to World War II than its competition - right down to the names of significant army colleagues and French geography - is probably the most exciting WWII-themed prospect around here since Call of Duty. We'll bring you our thoughts on it nearer release.

For Antal's thoughts, of course, you need only find your way to one of the abovementioned shops this week. Tell him we sent you.