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SUNFLOWERS working on dinosauric RTS for Q4

All right, there's no need to shout. Bloody flowers. Dunno they're born. Probably don't actually. Never did pay attention in Biology.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Anno 1503 publisher SUNFLOWERS (whose need for capitalisation we've never quite understood) has revealed that its chums at Spieleentwicklungskombinat (or SEK for short - theirs we do understood) are working on a 3D real-time strategy game called ParaWorld for release on the PC in Q4 2005.

ParaWorld puts players in command of troops fighting for and against gigantic dinosaurs in a prehistoric parallel world. There'll be more than 50 types of animal including 40 dinosaurs, and you'll be able to play it in single-player from three different tribal perspectives - each with different playable hero units, which allow for construction of unique buildings, generally develop their abilities and collect and use items.

The game will be made up of more than 20 playable maps spread across five climatic zones - Northlands, Jungle, Savannah, Ice Wastes and Lava - with multiplayer modes across LAN and Internet for up to eight players with nine playable heroes.

And, as you can see from these screenshots, it looks a bit tasty, too. SUNFLOWERS' latest blooming marvellously and su--AARRGHH METEOR.

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