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Rainbow Six: Lockdown multiplayer details

Although the revolution's still to come (apparently), we have details on all the basic game modes in the squad-shooter due this March.

Ubisoft has announced details of the various multiplayer modes its lining up for Rainbow Six: Lockdown on PS2 and Xbox, adding that it plans to unveil more in the coming weeks "that will revolutionise the world of online gaming". And yes, co-op is most definitely in.

The goal on Lockdown has been, to paraphrase the French publisher, to borrow the best elements from existing PS2 and Xbox Tom Clancy squad-shooter titles and combine them, but there have been some changes above and beyond the new game modes; this time out, for example, you'll be able to play on a Mercenary team as well as Team Rainbow in all adversarial game modes, and new dynamic mapping means that players can affect the layout using cranes, automated doors and the like to open up or shut off various paths and access routes.

Some of the modes themselves may please veterans of past Clancy campaigns. Co-op Mission and Co-op Terrorist Hunt modes, both available on both consoles, involve co-operatively tackling the single-player and Campaign missions respectively as Team Rainbow; Team Adversarial (PS2) and Team Survival (Xbox) are basic team deathmatch modes with no respawn; Team Retrieval (PS2) and Retrieval (Xbox) involve retrieving the most canisters within a time limit to win; Total Conquest on Xbox involves capturing and holding three satellite transmitters; while Team Sharpshooter, another Xbox-only inclusion it seems, is simply team deathmatch with respawning.

As for what we're to expect in the coming weeks that's so revolutionary - Ubisoft mentions that details on the PS2-exclusive Team Rivalry and Xbox-exclusive Persistent Elite Creation (whatever that is!) are still to be announced.

For more on Rainbow Six: Lockdown, which is due out on PS2, Xbox and PC this 25th March, we suggest you check out the single-player "immersion" trailer we mirrored earlier this week here.

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