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EA steels Superman development effort

EA Tiburon advertises for jobs on the third-person action game.

Electronic Arts is beefing up the development effort on its licensed Superman title, advertising for a number of positions on the project including producer roles at its Orlando-based studio EA Tiburon, where the game is being developed.

EA originally acquired the rights to the Superman franchise in 2003, including comic book, TV and upcoming film rights, but this is the first time we've seen much evidence of development of the game - said to be a third-person action title in the job postings.

Speculation already abounds that EA plans to tie the game in with the release of the next Superman film, if that ever comes to be, but with 2005 slipping past already we also wouldn't be too surprised if the game pitches up on next-generation formats too - although at this point it may all just turn out to be a bird or a plane.

More when it's Super enough to mention.