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Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich demo

Sample Irrational's latest caped caper.

Irrational Games has released a demo of its forthcoming third-person superhero action game Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. The demo is available from a number of mirrors including the likes of FileFront (full list here) and consists of a single-player level called "The Voice of Doom" and two multiplayer modes.

The Voice of Doom sees the player using Tombstone, Green Genie, Blackjack and El Diablo to prevent Fortissimo, "the master of music and mayhem", and his Nazi pals from burning priceless cultural heirlooms.

There's a new multiplayer mode, meanwhile, in Tag (one of seven in the full game) and one sample map, with a Rumble Room skirmish mode thrown in "giving the demo nearly unlimited replayability", while gamers also get to take a look at the upgraded hero editor.

You can read more about Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich in our preview and interview.