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Delta Force remake due soon?

A Sierra product page has emerged detailing Delta Force: Reloaded, an expanded remake of the original tactical shooter.

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A product page on the website for VU Games' Sierra publishing label has shed light on a Delta Force remake currently set for release this spring on the PC.

Delta Force: Reloaded aims to enhance and expand on the original Delta Force game by rebuilding it in NovaLogic's latest game engine and introducing a whole host of new single, co-operative and multiplayer levels along with stat tracking and other refinements, according to the description.

In total the unidentified dev team is shooting for more than 70 levels touching on a variety of CQB and long-range engagement skills. More than 20 of these will be graphically enhanced remakes of levels from the original Delta Force. In addition there'll be new single-player missions created specially and "a new challenge for hardened Delta Operators".

On top of the single-player side, more than 25 missions will be there for co-operative play, with more than 20 others dedicated to multiplayer modes. Currently confirmed are Deathmatch, King of the Hill, team variants on both of those, and Capture The Flag. Multiplayer will also be smoothed over by better cheat tracking and banning systems, according to the product page.

Although details are apparently subject to change, and we're not sure this was exactly how the people involved expected word to get out (the nondescript product page is devoid of screenshots, amongst other details), it's certainly an interesting project and we'll be keen to see how it goes down in the current climate of (literally) physics-heavy and graphically intense narrative-driven FPS games.

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