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Chaos Theory single-player demo

The lighthouse level from the latest Splinter Cell. The Aussie mission briefing would be: Sleuth strike a lighthouse!

Uno-Fisher-ly, we expect, there's a single-player Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory demo doing the rounds this morning, reportedly extracted from the cover disks of a German games mag. It's very probably the same demo currently spinning around in our drives thanks to PC Gamer UK's demo disc, too.

It's also very improbably big at 558MB (with the DirectX 9 stuff stripped out, we expect), but that's probably not going to stop you from sneaking over here and downloading it. To clarify - it's the Lighthouse mission at Punta Blanco, Peru, as well as some tutorial videos.

The full version of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is due out on PC, Xbox, PS2 and GameCube from 1st April, with Fisher priced around £29.99, and you can actually read what Kristan made of his Lighthouse adventures in our recent first impressions of the Xbox version.

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