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Driver, Mutant Storm at head of Sold Out's March

Along with the likes of B17, Flight Unlimited 3 "and more".

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Those budget maestros Sold Out have announced their line-up for this coming March, giving anybody with a spare fiver another few ways to get rid of it in exchange for some cheap, faintly retro-sexual thrills.

Top of the list is the original Driver, which, in light of recent travesties, it's easy to forget was actually very good. And pretty hard too. As we recall, the compulsory training bit that demanded you complete various moves held us up for a bit in our youthful ignorance, but after that it was hugely enjoyable. But we're not going to reinstall it for fear of crying at how it looks these days.

The other games on Sold Out's March list are also pretty interesting for different reasons. Between them, B17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth and Flight Unlimited 3 ought to satisfy varying degrees of flight sim fan. Elsewhere there's Cricket 2002, World Championship Snooker (which has always been a competent series) and, perhaps the gem of the lot, pint-sized shoot-'em-up Mutant Storm.

As you should know by now, all will set you back £4.99 only, and should be out in the next few weeks.

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