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Puyo Pop Fever for the DS

We're literally reprinting the press release.

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Atlus has announced plans to publish Puyo Pop Fever for the Nintendo DS in the States this April, and... actually, just read the press release. We'll port it across verbatim. Not as a comment on Puyo Pop Fever's ubiquity through constant recycling (though, in hindsight, that would have been a clever justification). Just because it was, well, interesting! It's okay; we'll do something constructive with the time we save.

This is that, then:

"Hey Gail have you seen this game!?" said Bill Alexander, former Project Lead turned puyopopping junkie at Atlus U.S.A., Inc. "It's Puyo POP FEVER for the DS!"

"Yah we just licensed it and we're putting it out in the spring."

"Dude, did you know that you can literally play this thing forever!?"

"Um yeah, it does have that very cool endless mode, which the last time I checked means forever."

"Oh and did you know that you can play up to 8-players with a single Game Card!? Dang! How can you beat that!? If I meet someone at the airport and they have a DS and I have my DS, we could play while we were at the airport because they don't even need their own card and I would just upload the game to them, just like magic! That is soooo cool!

"Yah that's what single-card download play means... You alright, Bill?"

"Hey, Gail can you finish this without me? I gotta show the testers my new puyo techniques..."

"Well there you have it folks, we may have lost a Project Lead, but at least you'll be able to get your hands on this incredibly fun puzzle game when it hits stores this spring. And hopefully you'll keep your sanity in the process."

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