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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 gets Soaked!

Hopefully that's the most boring headline you'll have to put up with today. And this the strapline. (It's an RCT3 expansion, by the way.)

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Frontier Developments is working on an expansion pack for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 which Atari will publish in June. Called RCT3: Soaked!, the expansion unsurprisingly focuses on things like water rides, aquatic animal shows and "tons of interactive water".

More than fifty new rides and coasters including super-splash flume rides, water slides, wave pools and other efforts will make it in, along with new swimming pool and waterfall designer tools.

As for those aquatic shows - you'll be able to include performing dolphins (and seals, surely), killer whale shows and customisable aquariums, as well as laser light water shows synchronised and mixed with the "H20 MixMaster".

Other than that, producer Ken Allen also this week said that the game would feature additional themed designs for scenery, shops and attractions, although he wasn't prepared to comment on what sort of thing at this stage of development.

Behaviour of park-goers will also be modified so they're sensitive to sunburn, have preferences for shallow or deep ends of the pool, make mischief and more.

However, players won't have to worry about managing the water use in the park by laying out pipes, pumps and so on, after the team decided to focus more on "what was fun about running a water park" - which is also consistent with the decision in the original not to worry about rooting electricity and so on.

We'll bring you more on Soaked when there's more to splash. In the meantime, here's a screenshot.

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