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Europa Universalis II on Nintendo DS

And Palm OS and Windows CE.

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Paradox Interactive is working with Pocket PC Studios to adapt Europa Universalis II to handheld formats including Nintendo DS, according to a release on the developer's website, and will release the adaptation later this year.

"Europa Universalis II is one of our most appreciated titles. As a leading force in the pocket PC entertainment business, Pocket PC Studios are the perfect partners to continue its legacy on a new platform," said Fredrik Lindgren, VP of sales and marketing for Paradox. "This additional accessibility is something that will suit the current fan base as well as attract new curious gamers."

As well as the DS, EUII will be released in Palm OS and Windows CE flavours.

The game involves leading a nation of the player's choice to world supremacy over a timespan of more than 400 years (1419-1820) by directing domestic and foreign policies, engaging in religious struggles and setting up expeditions to lay claim to the New World, according to Paradox. (Unfortunately, yours truly wouldn't know, as this is not the sort of thing I usually get excited about.)

We'll tell you more when we know more!

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